Important Mercy Parklands Updates:


Update from 31/10/2022

Dear families of our residents in care

It is with incredible sadness that we announce that after nearly 40 years of operation in the Ellerslie area, Mercy Parklands will close in its entirety, which will be effective in three months from today.

This is a very sad day for our residents, their whanau and families, our staff and everyone in our community who has been involved in our operations over the decades.

We appreciate this will come as a great shock and that it is a blow to the community – again, we are  very sorry for that.

We are committed to keeping Mercy Parklands open for three months to facilitate the careful and considered re-accommodation of our residents and redeployment of staff.


Families will be assisted in re-accommodating their loved ones through the local Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) organisation. Residents and families will not be left alone; we are here to work with you and Te Whatu Ora (Health NZ)  and Te Toka Tumai Auckland ( Auckland District) in their ongoing care and accommodation.  The local NASC team will work with residents and their support network to assist in securing the most suitable available bed locally.  Where it is the wish of the individual to move outside of the greater Auckland region, they will liaise with the needs assessment team in the preferred area.

The key contact details are as below

Bryan Agnew Programme Manager – Health of Older People

Te Toka Tumai Auckland and Waitematā District

Anand Nair Advanced Clinician

NASC, Adult Community Services Te Toka Tumai Auckland


We have all been working to the last minute to find alternative solutions, not only internally but with an external support – fundraising , repurposing staff in other care roles – not only RNs but also caregivers,  working with the DHB, undertaken extensive financial modelling to forecast improved results which result on increasing occupancy to 85, taking out agency spend and replacing with newly hired HCA’s and RN’s.  On this basis the operations appear sustainable into future months.  Unfortunately, a breakeven situation is not acceptable to the Mercy Healthcare Board or the shareholder (Sisters of Mercy,  NZ) and the decision to close is unanimous.



Firstly, both Helen and I are available to answer your questions. We also have our wonderful Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team on hand to speak with any of you or your loved one that might need support.


Helen Delmonte, Operations Manager will be the key contact regarding re-accommodation of residents and will respond to all emails


This afternoon we will be meeting with our dear residents to inform them of the decision.

We will issue an information email each week on a Thursday to keep you all up to date with progress.


I sincerely apologise for the shock of this announcement and closure is certainly not the outcome we want at Mercy Parklands.  This difficult and painful decision means closure to a story to care for the most vulnerable in our society.  We can be proud of the dedicated care we have been providing to the elderly in need and for accepting many people for whom no other options existed.


With warm regards

Ann Coughlan and Mercy Management Team



9 September 2022

To all families, friends, and whanau of residents in care 

Welcome to our first Spring addition

Government COVID Update

The government is reportedly considering dropping most mandates and the traffic light system will be reviewed in the next fortnight.  While winter is ending, it’s worth remembering that New Zealand’s highest case numbers came during the Omicron surge last summer. At the moment the virus does not need winter to spread!  It can spread in any season very effectively.

It is anticipated that mask wearing will still be required in many health settings, especially in aged care due to the number of vulnerable people.  The requirements to self-isolate if you test positive will remain as going out socialising will affect other people.

As to the booster, it will be likely we will be needing a yearly COVID-19 booster of some kind in the coming years.

So the annual shot is for two reasons:

1) the virus is changing, and the vaccine needs to be reformulated and

2) as with flu, your immunity wanes, so you need to get the annual top-up.

We have a social responsibility to keep ourselves and our most vulnerable safe and well.  We are conscious of the next lot of school holidays from 1 October to 16 October 2022.

While we are still in ORANGE there is no change to our Visiting Times.  We have however, modified our children visiting guidelines.

Visiting Times

  • Our open visiting times are between 10am-3.30pm.  Please restrict your visitor numbers to two people at a time. After hours is via manager approval.
  • A RAT check test prior to visit is required
  • N95 mask wearing a must
  • Sign in and out at the kiosk

Children Visiting

  • Vaccinated and unvaccinated children – including children of all ages, can come in to visit
  • RAT prior to visit is applicable apart from very young children (under 5 is a good guide)
  • A medical mask should be worn if this is achievable
  • When children are visiting Mercy Parklands, please visit directly with your loved one in their room.

Staff Testing

  • We are continuing to Rapid Antigen Test all staff before starting their shifts.

Second Booster Update

  • We undertook a second session for the second-booster vaccinations last week, capturing the residents and staff who had COVID-19 earlier in the year.
  • We are planning another session some time in October to capture more Residents and Staff.  This is taking longer due to having to wait 3 months after a COVID-19 infection.

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care – September is Mercy Month

Grateful for small things, big things and everything in between

On 24 September 1827, Catherine McAuley opened the first house of Mercy in Dublin.   The purpose of the house was to house and educate poor women. Today, Mercy Parklands continues to be involved in aspects of the works of Mercy which were close to Catherine’s heart.

It is a tradition that September is traditionally known as Mercy month.   It is a time for us to give thanks for the legacy Catherine left us and for the opportunity to be of service to the residents in our care.

Plans are underway to mark Mercy Day on Friday 23 September at Mercy Parklands.   There will be a display in the chapel, and we hope to have Mass in the chapel.   Other activities are being organized and further details will be available as we finalize them.

Staff Noticeboard

Suzana one of our front-line Receptionist and Sarah our Executive Assistant to our Clinical Manager have tendered their resignations effective from mid-October.  Both feel a change is needed in their lives.  On behalf of Mercy Parklands, we thank you both for your great efforts during your time with us for always going the extra mile in these pandemic times.  Mercy Blessings to you both.

We welcome back Monika who returns from 15 months parental leave in early October.

Updates from key Activities for staff and residents

Last week Mercy Parklands celebrated Random Act of Kindness on Thursday and Father’s Day on Sunday.  This was celebrated with an entertainer last Friday.  Our ‘Young @ Heart’ club celebrated spring with freesias, boysenberry cheesecake and coconut key lime pie.

Finally, let’s start each day with a grateful heart, there is always something to be thankful for.

With warm regards

Mercy Parklands Management Team