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You will be surprised at how many different volunteering opportunities we have. We manage a fantastic group of volunteers who visit Mercy Parklands at times that mutually suit. Volunteers provide on average 300 hours per month. We are delighted to see our Asian volunteers are continuously growing.

With 100 residents, there is always help or assistance needed somewhere. Residents truly love visitors and the special skills, support, and personalities they all bring. We know that many firm friendships and bonds are created, contributing to a more rewarding life for both residents and volunteers.

Reading Buddies with Michael Park School – Winner in the Youth Health Service category
Ministry of Health National Volunteer Awards 2019 – Runner Up

How you can help at Mercy Parklands

Some of our residents need nothing more than a chat, while others need a little more help – for instance, companionship helping residents participate in activities, feeding, mobility programmes, chapel services, and supporting staff.

Aside for our individual volunteers we have volunteers form SPCA Outreach Therapy Pets and Canine Friends Pet Therapy. Students from Baradene College, St Peter’s College, Michael Parks and St Mary’s School Ellerslie come on a regular basis for one-to-one visits, annual celebrations always providing engagement for our residents, lifting their spirts and enabling here-centred resident care.

You may even want to get involved in bigger projects, like organising social events or fundraising. We would love to hear from you if you think you can help. Volunteers are a valuable part of our Mercy Parklands team, no matter how much or how little time you have to give.

Want to know more or apply, please contact or fill in the form below.

Here are some of our volunteering opportunities:

  • Activities
  • Administration Support
  • Allied Health Support
  • Chaplaincy and spiritual care
  • Companionship
  • Dining room companionship which may include assistance with feeding
  • End of life support thought our No One Dies Alone programme (criteria applies)
  • Function support
  • Ironing
  • New resident support
  • Reading to residents
  • Walking residents

​You might like to try your hand at doing something different and we can offer you the chance to do that within a supportive environment.

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    Volunteer Testimonials

    I have been part of the Mercy Parklands ‘Community’ for over 5 years now, first as a well loved resident’s daughter, then I was invited to be the Family Representative. After my father’s death I have volunteered in many ways: freshening up water in resident’s flowers, folding clothes and putting them away or reading a card to them that they had received. I have decluttered a resident’s room and made her very happy and less stressed.  I have helped other choose books to read. I now facilitate the Knit and Natter group weekly. 

    Volunteers can bring so much richness of life experience to older people and their families. I believe doing things for others should be encouraged within the family and from an early age.  Being around older people develops empathy in children as they understand they can be helpful and useful. My own grandchildren have participated at the Knit and Natter group and are part of the Reading Buddies to visit residents. The joy and energy children bring to Mercy Parklands is like a light in a dark room. 

    As part of No One Dies Alone programme at Mercy Parklands, as a volunteer, I have been present sitting with a resident in the early hours of the morning and last hours at night as they reached the end of their life to make sure the did not die alone. The time and energy I am privileged to share with an older person, benefits us both and changes both our lives forever. 

    Christine Clark, September 2020

    Resident’s Family Feedback

    The Volunteer programme is an invaluable and integral part of life at Mercy Parklands. 

    Mum has enjoyed interactions with the various volunteers and we as a family can see the benefits in having them around. 

    I think there is a fear for the elderly of losing their sense of belonging in the ‘community’ and becoming isolated but by having volunteers of different ages and backgrounds interacting with the residents it provides that feeling of still being connected. 

    Mum particularly looks forward to the Reading Buddies.  Children are so bright and natural and their enthusiasm is contagious. I believe being with them reminds her of when she would play and read to her grandchildren when they were young. 

    As mum’s eyesight is deteriorating she is not reading of her own accord so to have the Reading Buddies reading to her means she still gets that stimulation.  I know she feels she is helping them in some small way and that makes mum feel happy and positive in herself that she can still do things for others. 

    The volunteers also assist in activities like bingo, Art Club and Garden Club which is great because although the resident is there at the activities it could be a struggle to fully participate. So to have a volunteer’s helping hand enables the resident to be more engaged.  

    Our family feels a sense of peace and happiness knowing mum is getting the attention and interaction when we are not there with her. There was even an occasion when a pair of woolly fingerless gloves was left for mum by one of the volunteers which was so kind and thoughtful. Mum has arthritic hands and in winter they don’t work as well and ache. So these gloves have helped greatly and she loves the striped bright colours. She is always happy when people comment on them. 

    The volunteers I have met are lovely, caring people and I believe they enjoy being with the residents too so it is a positive win/win situation for both. 

    All these things really contribute to mum’s quality of life and that’s what we want for her – to be happy and content and to be treated with the dignity and respect that she and all the residents deserve.  The volunteers along with all the Mercy Parklands team certainly provide that. 

    Thank you,  Jude  (resident’s daughter)