Project Description


The Allied Health Team is committed to working together to enhance the quality of life for the residents at Mercy Parklands. 

The team consists of the Allied Health Coordinator, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Safe Handling Coordinator, Diversional Therapists, Activity Facilitators, Therapy Assistant and Mobility Therapist. 

Allied Health Coordinator

The Allied Health Coordinator leads the Allied Health Team to ensure service is proactive and effective in delivering Resident-centred services focused on best practice.

Occupational Therapist

We focus upon enabling meaningful occupation to promote health and wellbeing.  This includes maintenance and rehabilitation of factors which contribute to engagement in activities of daily living (self-care, productive and social tasks) such as mobility and upper limb function, communication, cognitive processing and psychosocial needs. 

Services may include: 

  • Individual initial assessment upon admission (for every Resident). 
  • Adaptive and prescriptive equipment provision to aid independence in daily living tasks, including but not limited to adaptive self-care equipment, wheelchairs, pressure relief mattresses and cushions and splinting.
  • Additional assessment and therapeutic sessions as clinically indicated.


Involves personalised assessment and treatment planning for the specific needs of the resident.  We aim to help the resident achieve their personal maximum level of physical functioning and independence through neuromuscular, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.  We also consider equipment provision to aid mobility and preservation of structure and tone. 

Services may include: 

  • Individual initial assessment upon admission (for every Resident). 
  • Individual program planning and delivery where clinically indicated. 
  • Individual program planning for trained support staff to deliver. 
  • Group based exercise. 
  • Ongoing assessment where clinically indicated. 

Diversional Therapist

Incorporated throughout our weekly program, Diversional Therapy is a client centred practice which recognises that leisure and recreational experiences enables the psychological, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing of individuals.  Our Therapists enable people of all abilities to engage in experiences which are meaningful to them.   

Our Diversional Therapists and Activity Facilitators are trained in providing our variety of Complementary Therapies.  This includes; Pet Therapy, Doll Therapy, aromatic-massage and our Music to ignite the Spirit Program.  Our Complementary Therapies are aimed towards residents with complex needs who would benefit from focused 1-1 engagement programs to help meet their emotionalmental, physical and social needs. 

Mobility Therapist and Therapy Assistant

The Mobility Therapist and Therapy Assistant works with and is directed by the Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. 

Services may include: 

  • Gym, Body Percussion and standing and seated exercise groups for balance and strengthening. 
  • Individual exercise and treatment programmes and prescribed by the Physiotherapist.

Activity Facilitators

The Activities Team is led by the Lead Diversional Therapist and is supervised and supported by the Allied Health Coordinator. 

A Map of life for each new resident help us to get to know the resident and identify suitable activities that will be meaningful and help to meet the social and emotional needs for the individual. 

Our Activity Program provides a variety of choices for residents to have daily opportunities to connect with others in a group setting as well as on a one to one basis depending on the individual’s wants and needs.  Staff are dedicated to each Hub in order to better get to know the resident. 

Mercy Parklands Community meetings are held once a month where residents can contribute feedback and new ideas on activities options.  Residents may be invited to be representative for their area at the meeting, and can help facilitate the meeting. 

Regular activities include: 

  • Social activities aimed at promoting friendship and a sense of community—ladies and men’s groups; outings; art and gardening clubs, current and cultural events, musical activities. 
  • Enjoyable mentally stimulating activities such as bingo, quizzes and crosswords. 
  • Physically active activities such as bowls and adapted darts and tennis.
  • Professional Entertainers and special events. 
  • Pet therapy, with affection and friendship from the facilities animals. 
  • Massage and Pamper sessions. 
  • Sunshine Clubs — Small clubs which aim to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of people with dementia. A brochure about TheSunshine ClubsPhilosophy is available for residents and families wishing further information. 

Safe Handling Program

Our Mobility Therapist is the Safe Handling Coordinator at Mercy Parklands.  As lead of a team of preceptors, education and support are given to staff to ensure the Resident receives the best care in this regard.   

In accordance with ACC and Health and Safety guidelines our Safe Handling policy uses an integrated approach to manage the moving and handling of people safely. 

Each resident has a specific handling plan that is determined by the Physiotherapist, Safe Handling Coordinator and the Registered NurseThis informs staff on how to support the resident every day when moving between surfaces and walking.  Assessment for the safe handling plan occurs at admission and is regularly reviewed and altered as required to maintain safety of the resident and the staff. 

Falls Prevention and Management Program

The Allied Health Coordinator oversees the Falls Prevention and Management Portfolio at Mercy Parklands. 

The Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and Mobility Therapists are all actively involved in collaboration with Nursing staff in promoting and implementing Falls Prevention strategies. 

There is a brochure on Falls Prevention available for residents and families wishing further information. 

Assessment and Care Plans

In respectful partnership, we work together with the resident to enable the individual to realise their potential and their personal goals which direct their care plan.  The Registered Health Care Professionals of the Allied Health Team make independent and individual assessments for each resident upon admission with further therapeutic input and assessment being provided where clinically indicated thereafter.   

Our Team’s interdisciplinary collaborative approach to developing and delivering a holistic care plan attends to the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and safety needs of the person, for a content life at Mercy Parklands. 

 More information 

If you would like to know more about these services, please contact Helen Delmonte, Operations Manager on 579 7241, ext 836.