Important Mercy Parklands Updates:


9 September 2022


To all families of residents in care



COVID -19 Positive case

Unfortunately, we have a new COVID -19 positive case at Mercy Parklands. At this stage it is an isolated case and we will be striving to keep it as such.


The affected area is Neighbourhood 1

At this stage we have not closed Neighbourhood 1 but will be maintaining strict controls and monitoring.

We would prefer that over this weekend that visitors do not come into Neighbourhood 1 unless strictly necessary (essential/NOK only).

If you are a family member of a resident in this area and have concerns please do not hesitate to contact us further.

We will provide an update on Monday 12 September 2022


Visiting details

  1. Visiting hours will be open from 10am to 3:30pm, unless via manager approval


  1. Please ensure you use the Electronic Sign In and Declaration


  1. We still require all visitors to undertake RAT check at home before you visit. There will be no one to check your RAT test at the door, but we will be doing spot checks, so please continue to bring your dated RAT test or dated photo of your test with you.
  • If you forget to RAT at home, or are unable to provide evidence if asked, please ask for a RAT kit at reception and return to your car or go outside to do the test before coming in to visit.
  • We are doing this using a High Trust Model. Please continue to keep our vulnerable residents and staff safe during your visits.
  • RAT checks will continue to be done for all staff, volunteers, and contractors, before shifts and visits onsite.


Symptom Free

  • No visitor will be allowed onsite who is unwell/symptomatic.  If staff suspect you are presenting with any signs of illness, especially coughs and colds, you will be asked to leave.
  • Please ensure you follow the Ministry of Health isolation guidelines if you have COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive, and do not visit Mercy Parklands until completion of your isolation period and a negative RAT test.


MASK Wearing

  • N95 Mask wearing is COMPULSORY (provided onsite), including in residents’ rooms, in the duration of your visit. Staff will ask you to leave if you are not wearing a mask.
  • We will only accept the official Ministry of Health mask wearing exemption.  If you do not have this, you must wear a mask.


Visiting a family/friend at Mercy Parklands

  • Visits will continue to be in the resident’s rooms, courtyard, or walkway.
  • Maintain physical distancing with other people.
  • Use hand gel on entering and leaving the facility.


Thank you for your cooperation.

With warm regards

Mercy Parklands Management Team