Important Mercy Parklands Updates:


Our Approach to Care

Our Mercy Care approach is built on evidence-based practices in the care of older adults within a caring environment. It provides a practical framework through which we implement our values.

The Mercy Care approach is holistic, professional and resident focussed. We care for the individual and their needs so they can live the fullest life they can. This is expressed in the way we run our activities, how we care for residents, and is reflected in the principles that underpin the Mercy Care approach.

Mercy Care Principles

We implement our unique person-centred model of care, Mercy Care, by following three principles: 

Mā roto ngākau – Mercy in our Hearts 

  • We are loving and compassionate in all our interactions
  • We connect with genuine empathy
  • We engage with positive energy 
  • We have a deep desire to enhance the lives of others.

Mā roto upoko – Mercy in our Head 

  • We are proactive and engaged and work with intention and belief
  • We communicate in ways that are effective and responsive to individual needs
  • We utilise creative and innovative skills as well as evidence-based knowledge
  • We are reflective and mindful of our actions.

  Mā roto ringa – Mercy in our Hands 

  • We support and empower others to retain their sense of self
  • We create a safe and respectful environment
  • We understand and enable individuals social, cognitive, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs to be met
  • We act with integrity and honesty.